Intimate relationships are an integral part of everyone’s life. Sex is necessary not only as the main way of reproduction, but also as an effective method of preventing various diseases, including diseases of the cardiovascular and genitourinary systems. In addition, sexual intimacy is a source of pleasure, euphoria, satisfaction, which are ways to make life even brighter and more interesting. If you are experiencing problems with potency, then you can buy special products on the website

When to buy lubricant

Over time, some moments of sexual life become “boring”, indicating the need to diversify intimate relationships in a couple. To this end, a special tool is used – lubricant. At its core, lubricant is a common lubricant on a water or grease basis. Originally, its main function was to facilitate friction (reciprocating movements of the penis) during intercourse. Later, the range of lubricants became so wide and rich, which allowed them to be used as an auxiliary tool for a variety of sexual pleasures.

The main functions of lubricants:

  • Improve friction during intercourse, bringing more pleasure for both partners;
  • They help to soften and moisturize the mucous membranes, which is especially important in case of insufficient discharge in women;
  • Provide additional comfort during intercourse;
  • They are indispensable in anal sex, as well as during the use of intimate toys;
  • Take away the discomfort of dryness or excessive vaginal sensitivity.

Varieties of intimate lubricants

The variety of lubricants is really striking. This is a great way to get the most out of your lover’s habits, and you’ll easily find the perfect lubricant for every taste, smell and simple, pain-relieving, exciting, cooling, moisturizing, warming, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, complex action: the choice is so great that it easily satisfies the needs of even the most sophisticated lovers. There are also lubricants-prolongators, the use of which guarantees longer sex. Lubricants with additives of essential oils and plant extracts are another novelty in the modern pharmacological market. This method has analgesic, deodorizing, moisturizing, and antiseptic effects. Before using such means for allergic people, it is recommended to make a test on a small area of the skin to avoid allergic reactions to components of the product.

What you need to know about the composition

It is not recommended to choose lubricants that contain flavorings or essential oils, dyes or flavor additives. Also, you should not stop at lubricants with glycerin, as you may become allergic. Particular attention should be paid to the first use of a new lubricant. It is better to read the reviews of buyers, read the composition or get advice from the pharmacy. Lubricants can use glycerin. This is a sugar alcohol, the effect of which on the vaginal microflora is not fully studied. Lubricant cannot improve potency. If you have a problem with potency, you should visit