It is difficult to dispute the fact that the gambling space is a rather peculiar world. In fact, since its inception, it has provided for all sorts of tricks, machinations, as well as means to mislead this or that potential player. Today, everything remains the same, but only transferred to the Internet and now “roulette with integrity control” or simply “fair roulette” – a very common phenomenon in institutions that offer online gambling. This is facilitated by online casino integrity control services that allow the player to independently check the honesty of the casino, and roulette in particular, through special computer programs.

It seems that it’s much easier to catch land-based casinos cheating than online entertainment facilities, since in the first case experienced gamers immediately notice that the roulette wheel begins to spin not quite correctly, and the cards are dealt somehow not as required. But we can assure you that this impression is mistaken. You can immediately focus on finding reliable online casinos that are available at

MD5 Integrity Control

This algorithm is carried out very simply: before the start of the game process comes into play an encryption method MD5, which generates a specific number. For convenience, it is called a “hash”. Thus, two identical sequences have the same generated numbers. In case of their insignificant difference (difference of even one number), hashes will also be different.

How does it work in practice? At the end of any gambling activity, you can check the numbers rolled as well as the identity of the codes – together they will show whether or not there was interference on the part of the gambling club in the gamble. If the MD5 method of integrity control produces a full match, it means that the game was played as honestly as possible and vice versa. The developer of the MD5 fairness control is the company RSA Data Security.

The most honest roulette: how MD5 works

Online Roulette honesty is usually a classical variant of virtual roulette, but with one addition – it is checked by a fairness control program. Due to the application of this application, it is somewhat easier to identify a truly prestigious online casino, particularly roulette, to which you can entrust your money. If, however, players prefer to use the gambling services of offline gambling establishments, in this case there are no guarantees regarding the safety of the gaming process.

When looking for a popular and reliable casino to choose those that are periodically tested by special organizations and have a clean reputation. Such casinos include proven and well-known entertainment sites, reviews of which are on the website

MD5 (Message Digest 5) – a universal mathematical algorithm, through which there is a real opportunity even to the longest text to “pack” in a single small line, called a digital signature. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, experts often use another name for it – “hash”.

Thus, hashing is an action performed with the help of a special hash function. This function can convert any electronic data (regardless of its length and weight) into a specific sequence of bits. In other words, the primary information is compressed to the required length. For example, after applying a special method of addressing the data (some arranging algorithm) according to their unique keys, the digital signature has a size of no more than 128 bits. So everyone can check the integrity of online casinos.