Every mobile game goes through several stages of development. In this article we will talk about pre-production, production and release stages, so you will know better what making hyper casual games in unity means.


Pre-production includes documentation, concept, feature-list, art-style doc, budget, business plan, project plan, team adaptation, process building. The most indispensable document is the concept, which later “grows” into a game design doc. Budget and business plan, too, should not be neglected, because without them, it will be difficult to understand how much you earned on the sale of the game, it is profitable to sell the game for the amount offered by an interested publisher. The result of pre-production is a prototype or demo version of your game for demonstration.


Production is game development, documentation (game design document, marketing plan, promotion plan), day-to-day project management, solving problems that arise, adjusting plans and settings from pre-production. The result of this stage is a version of the game which is not yet final, but already ready for demonstration to users. Production is the longest stage where the game is implemented in its entirety, with all its features and capabilities.

Game development is a stressful process. Don’t forget the motivation and happiness level of your employees. A normal organization has two goals: the maximum profit of the entrepreneur and the maximum welfare of the employee, and not just in money. Maximum well-being in such a system equals maximum productivity of all participants in the process.


The final stage includes polishing the game to the final version, optimization for different devices, versions of the game for different platforms, publishing the game in stores. The result of this stage is the final version of the game, available in stores.

Your main task on release day is to go strictly by the checklist, completing all items consistently. It is important to follow the first reactions of the players and promptly give comments. Remember the main thing: do not panic, you need to act according to plan. After the release, you need to study the first analytics and draw conclusions: what was done badly and what was done well. Adjust your marketing plan depending on the results. The next step is to operate the game, but that’s a different story.

Creating games is an art! But it’s also hard work. Well, since the results of labor allow those involved in the process to earn income from the resources invested, it is also a good business. So the game industry is, in our opinion, one of the best places where you can create, self-fulfill, develop and earn! If you have a brilliant idea for a mobile game, and you want to be a part of this business, you should contact a game development agency. This will help you find a reliable team and develop a mobile game at a reasonable cost. The specialists will help you to bring the project to life and make it demanded on the market.