When you start developing your Instagram account, you should buy instagram followers and boost your profile status. Next, you should use additional tips that will help you get great results.

Publish videos

Videos in stories are more interesting. This content is more dynamic, so viewers trust it more. Long videos that are uploaded to IGTV and reposted to stories look good. For all videos, it’s useful to make subtitles, or at least attach a text that explains what you’re talking about in the video, because not everyone watches stories with sound. You can try these video formats.

  • Backstage – what your work looks like “behind the scenes”. What does the workplace look like, how do the vendors work, how are the products created? A coffee shop will show you how desserts are made in the kitchen or how the roasting room works. 
  • Q&A – Briefly answer popular questions. Just talk to your customers and put together a separate list of what they ask. If a lot of people ask, “How to make coffee properly? Do you have to raise your cap three times?”, make a video of “How we make coffee in a coffee shop and why that’s the case.”
  • Interviews with the team, surveys. Call the baristas on shift and record answers to 5 prepared questions, 3 seconds per question and answer. 
  • How it’s done – do an interview on your production and show “how it’s done.” This format would fit in nicely with a photo slideshow if you’re not ready to make a video.   
  • Tips from the master – The format makes this look like an interview or survey, meaning you record a “talking head,” but this time you’re giving tips, advice, recommendations on how to handle your product. 

People buy from people, and videos like this allow you to create an image for your brand. Now it’s not just “the coffee shop around the corner,” but “the coffee shop where Alice and John work.” Include more characters in stories: employees, management, vendors, opinion leaders and, of course, customers.

Distribute stories

There’s no point in creating engaging stories and scheduling content in them if only a few people see them. Take care of the promotion.

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Targeted advertising. Run from Instagram if you have a business account or from Facebook’s business manager, the latter can be more finely tuned and detailed. You can use different schemes to promote your products:

  1. Promote existing content to an automatic audience – handy to use to additionally remind subscribers about your products.
  2. Promote the video to a potential audience first, and then run special ads for those who have watched more than half of it, so you can attract customers.

Influencers. Usually they are used to get more subscribers, you can start with this, but remember that you can get clients right away with their help.

Additional promotion methods. These are methods that help you spread the content you’ve made through other means, using Instagram features or coming up with wow ideas. This will increase your popularity among real instagram followers.